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Our Story

For your mind, body, and bath.

Hi! Welcome to Creative Bath Design. We're so glad you’re here.

We’re Mike & Sarah, brother and sister founders of Creative Bath Design. We’ve been working in the cannabis industry for over a decade and have worked in many areas from product manufacturing to distribution and production. With the success of several innovative products we are always looking for new ways to introduce and innovate cannabis. Our small team is inspired to help anyone unwind after a long day, Creative Bath Design was created to share our passion for alternative medicine.

Another big influence in our lives and business is our Mother, Mary, a cancer survivor. When Mary was diagnosed with cancer she underwent aggressive treatments that eventually led to her remission victory. During her recovery, Mary was experiencing uncomfortable aches & pains, stress & anxiety and severe neuropathy - long after the chemotherapy and radiation treatments had stopped. Few things brought her comfort like a hot bath and good rest.  Being cannabis connoisseurs, we brainstormed on how using hemp derived products could help ease some of her discomfort and brighten her day. Her journey and love for baths helped to inspire us to create products that would offer thirty minutes of bliss to those continuing the fight, long after the battle.

The Soak & Toke is a beautifully sculpted bath bomb unlike anything out there. Each unique leaf has a protected hemp-derived CBD pre-rolled joint inside. In addition to the joint, the amount of medicine mixed into the bomb is more than anything currently available on the market, for a combined 375 mg of cannabinoids. A perfect way to unwind, esepcially after a long day - Creative Bath Design is proud to offer high quality and affordable products for your individual needs and selling it right here directly to you.

Love, Mike & Sarah 

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