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It's offical! Our first collaboration is here with the #CLAW20 SOAK & TOKE! Our strongest bath bomb yet, the custom CLAW is packing 500mg of CBD & 25mg of CBG. Each bath bomb has our signature CBD pre-roll INSIDE the bath bomb. 


Celebrating her twentieth anniversary with 12 cobrands with WOMENFOLK, we couldn't be more honored and proud to be a small part of such a big history.  


Claudia "CLAW MONEY" Gold is one of the most prolific public artists, with an unsanctioned art career that dates back to 1989. Gold's CLAW icon became a ubiquitous fixture of NYC's urban sprawl and has since grown to garner international acclaim.


Claudia now stands as a recognized artist, influencer, fashion editor, author and designer. She has changed the landscape and set precedents by being the first female artist to do collaborations with big-name companies such as Nike, Mountain Dew, NASCAR, Van's, and Calvin Klein...and now Creative Bath Design hehe...pinch us, we're dreaming. 


Our flagship product, the SOAK & TOKE bath bomb is the first medicated bath bomb with a pre-rolled hemp-derived CBD joint inside! This bath bomb and pre-roll are a perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day. The SOAK & TOKE’s combination of 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD isolate, 25 mg of hemp-derevied CBG isolate and organic essential oils create one of the strongest topicals absorbed through your pores. Our lab tested and hemp-derived CBD flowers will not bring about any psychoactive effects. Simply put, this product does not get you “high”. All of our bath bombs deliver an exceptional absorption in an extra strength formula.







CLAW Soak & Toke * Limited edition!

  • Ingredients: Organic Baking Soda, Organic Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Witch Hazel, CBD Isolate 99%, CBG Isolate 99%, Organic Essential Oil of Lavender, Mica Coloring, High CBD Hemp Flowers, Organic Hemp Rolling Paper


    Cannabinoid Content: 500mg of hemp-derived CBD isolate, 25mg of hemp-derived CBG isolate, .50 gm of hemp-derived CBD flower (NO THC)


    Essential Oils: Lavender

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